Sooner or later, but at some point in our lives, everybody starts to wonder what is their purpose in life and why they were born. This process is entirely normal and it is part of the journey towards really growing up. 

Some people realize that they are on the wrong path in college and feel overwhelmed because they don't know which direction to choose in life. Others spend some years in a career they perhaps truly enjoy, but one day, they wake up and feel that this is not for them anymore, and start to wonder what their life purpose is.

It is important to emphasize that your life purpose is not just about a career and not at all about earning a living. It's something that includes every area of life, both personal and professional.

It is by no means easy to find the answer to this question. Some of us know what they calling is since childhood, but the majority of us are not that lucky. It is like finding your significant other, some meet at the age of six and others at the age of sixty. Finding your vocation is one of the most important and long-term decisions in life. 

Fortunately, we were all born with a personal manual. It is called the natal chart. And yes, it even includes your life purpose!

What is a Natal Chart in Astrology?

Your natal chart or birth chart is the state of the sky at the moment of your first take of breath, as seen from the place where you were born. It is basically a blueprint of your personality and the probabilities of different life paths in astrology. 

The natal chart describes every main aspect of your life, including your approach to career, money, marriage. It reveals much of your inner needs and motivations. However, these areas of life are just the flesh on the bones. To give your life a solid base, what you need to find is the skeleton - the life purpose. 

Your Life Purpose in the Natal Chart

In astrology, there is a planet for every archetype of the human psyche. However, besides planets, there are a few mathematical points that don't exist in the physical reality but nevertheless, they still have a huge influence over you.

One of these mathematical points is called the Moon's Nodes. In short, they show the life lessons that you need to learn in this lifetime, some astrologers would add that the Nodes describe your karmic destiny.

But first, let's learn what the lunar nodes are.

There are two lunar nodes, the north node and the south node. They are the points in the sky where the Moon' orbit intersects the ecliptic. Where the Moon enters the northern ecliptic hemisphere is called the north node or the ascending node. The south node or descending node is where the Moon moves into the southern ecliptic hemisphere. They stay in the same sign for approximately 18 months.

How to Find Your Life Purpose in the Natal Chart in Astrology
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The lunar nodes are also called dragon's head (the north node) and the dragon's tail (the south node). Vedic astrologers refer to the north node as Rahu and the south node as Ketu.

There is a connection between the lunar nodes and solar and lunar eclipses. A lunar eclipse can only occur when the Moon is full and it is near one of the nodes. Similarly, a solar eclipse occurs when the new Moon is near one of them.

Astrologers use the Moon's nodes to see what you have already mastered by this lifetime and what is your mission and what your soul wants (and needs) to do now.

Meaning of the Lunar Nodes in Astrology

The Moon's nodes in astrology represent the keys to your destiny and the main lessons you have to learn in this life. They always come in pairs in the sense that they take place in signs direct opposite to each other. If you have your north node in Scorpio, you will have the south node in Taurus, and vice versa. They are on the same degree and minute, just in different signs. Often in the natal chart, only the symbol for the north node is marked (the one which looks like a headphone: ☊).

 First, let's take a look at the south node.

The south node shows where you are coming from and your past. Depending on whether you believe in reincarnation, the south node represents either your past lives os your past in this life. These are your natural abilities. Your south node is already very familiar to you and you can learn the activities ruled by this sign and house in a much shorter time than others. For example, someone with the south node in Aquarius can learn astrology very quickly.

Since you already know the qualities of your south node so well, it's time to leave your comfort zone and learn something new in this lifetime.

The north node, on the other hand, shows what you have to learn in this lifetime. We find the lessons of the north node very hard and it takes a lifetime to get good at it. For example, someone with the north node in Virgo has to become more hard-working and organized, but it takes a lot of effort to learn these things. The place where your north node is located in your natal chart is where you strive for fulfillment.

That's why the north node is also called the ascending node, you have to grow into its qualities. Aligning with your north node is the key to living a happy, fulfilled, and purpose-driven life.

The North Node in Signs

The Zodiac signs in direct opposition complete each other. Let's take Virgo and Pisces for example. Pisces has many ideas and dreams but without Virgo's work habits and attention to detail, it's impossible to turn them into reality. This is why it's important to learn to use the qualities of both signs. 

The lunar nodes always take place in opposition to each other. You have already mastered the sign of your south node, but without the qualities of your north node, you can't get very far in the long term. Luckily, you have a whole lifetime to achieve this!

Find the sign your north node is in and read the relevant description about what it means.

North Node in Aries 

This position is similar to having your north node in the first house.

These natives have their south node in Libra, the sign of relationships. They are very cooperative and focused on others in their one-on-one relationships. They often find it hard to stand up for themselves and they are prone to co-dependency. North node in Aries people might even be afraid of independence and trusting themselves.

 Relationships are an important theme in their lives and it can be a major life lesson to find the balance between a healthy dose of individuality and the needs of others. For these natives, it's important to learn to be more assertive and make sure that their needs are met. Prioritize your needs and goals and don't be afraid to lead. Cheesy, but remember that you can give to others only if you have enough yourself.

North Node in Taurus 

This position is similar to having your north node in the second house.

North node in Taurus people have their south node in Scorpio, which means that they used to live on other people's resources. They value privacy much but in this lifetime they need to be comfortable with transparency. They are prone to defining their value through the value of others and to achieve what they want using dark means. 

Here it is important to find the balance between the material and spiritual life. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life from time to time, but you need to become self-sufficient and work hard. These natives have to learn to value themselves and work on their self-confidence and self-esteem. 

North Node in Gemini

This position is similar to having your north node in the third house.

These people have their south node in the sign of Sagittarius. They are always in search of knowledge and wisdom, usually, they are interested in foreign cultures and countries. They need freedom and they can be overwhelmed with too many options. Some of their issues are being self-righteous and forming opinions without finding facts to support your views first.

In this lifetime, they need to learn to become interested in what others have to say and truly listening to them. Conversation skills and playful exploration should be mastered, too. Being part of a local community or network can be very helpful for north node in Gemini people. 

North Node in Cancer

This position is similar to having your north node in the fourth house.

These people have their south node in Capricorn. These natives tend to take on too much responsibility and they are often control freaks. Workaholism is a common issue of the north node in Cancer. In the past, they were competitive and focused on status and accomplishments.

They can grow a lot if they accept that they are vulnerable and start to follow their instincts. Their emotional side is as valuable as the rational, their lesson is to embrace the feminine and nurturing energies. Focusing more on home life can be a source of great happiness and fulfillment in this lifetime.

North Node in Leo

This position is similar to having your north node in the fifth house.

These people have their south node in the sign of Aquarius. This gives them a natural ability to follow the latest trends and the future. They tend to be emotionally detached and avoid intimate relationships and focus too much on communities instead. Some people-pleasing tendencies can be present.

Becoming more personal and warmer when connecting with people is a great way to align with the path your soul chose for this lifetime. Displaying affection will make you more liked. Try to just feel feelings instead of rationalizing them. Creative self-expression can help you a lot on this journey.

North Node in Virgo

This position is similar to having your north node in the sixth house.

These people have their south node in Pisces. The main keywords are service and healing here. These natives have great compassion for others. However, they are prone to procrastinating, being unorganized and too much daydreaming, and this stops them in some amount from letting their light shine. 

In this lifetime, they have to learn that you can't realize your ideas if you aren't willing to put in the good old hard work and breaking down the big dream into small chunks that can be executed. It's important to develop your skills and talents. Without clear goals, they will be lost forever. Fortunately, their soul also knows this and in this life, it chose to develop some practical routines and pay more attention to the details. You have to find the balance between fantasies and logic.

North Node in Libra

This position is similar to having your north node in the seventh house.

These natives have their south node in the sign of Aries. They have no problem standing up for themselves or taking initiative. Also, there is no lack of self-confidence here. They are self-reliant, can be quite aggressive and have a me-first mentality which can bring hardships in one-on-one relationships.

They need to recognize the power of partnerships in this lifetime. Libra north node shows an opportunity to become more cooperative and learn to respect the needs of others. Developing patience and tact will be very useful in this lifetime.

North Node in Scorpio

This position is similar to having your north node in the eighth house.

These people have their south node in Taurus. Taurus is focused on the here and now, work and enjoying the results of work. These natives can be prone to self-indulgence and hedonism. They can be quite possessive and don't let go of what is theirs. Security is very important to them and they do everything they can to avoid crises and change.

The north node in Scorpio asks you to concentrate less on the material world and let life's mysteries touch you. Be open to transformation, and accept that something old has to die for something new to be born. It's important here to share your values and resources with others, to work smarter instead of harder and find a way to make your money work for you.

North Node in Sagittarius

This position is similar to having your north node in the ninth house.

Natives with the north node in Sagittarius have their south node in Gemini. Natives with this position tend to easily become overloaded with information. Sometimes they can't see the forest for the trees or the big picture for the pieces of information scattered around in their brain. They are born with good conversation skills, but sometimes they like to gossip and distort reality.

These natives should put the effort into leaving their comfort zones and broadening their perspective. A good way to achieve this can be through meeting new cultures and visiting new countries.

North Node in Capricorn

This position is similar to having your north node in the tenth house.

These people have their south node in Cancer. They are comfortable with emotions and intuition and they are very sensitive. However, they tend to be too passive and accept a submissive role in life. Family and home used to be the main focus of their lives.

With the north node in Capricorn in their charts, these natives have to become more ambitious and gain more control over their lives. Being proactive will help them achieve a lot in the fields of profession and business. They have suppressed the masculine energy but life on Earth is about duality. After they learn to embody the qualities of their north node, they often have a role in the public eye.

North Node in Aquarius

This position is similar to having your north node in the eleventh house.

Natives with the north node in Aquarius have their south node in the opposite sign, Leo. They love being in the spotlight and tend to make everything be about them. These natives can be materialistic and feel entitled. This can make it hard for them to fit in. Since they have already mastered both the good and bad qualities of Leo, it's time to add the traits of Aquarius to your personality.

Let go of the need for drama and embrace objective and rational thinking. Learn to be a part of a group, equally important as everyone else. Be open to the ideas of people who are in some way different from yourself because the more opinions you hear, the better ideas you can give to the world, and a generous Leo loves to contribute with something truly valuable.

North Node in Pisces

This position is similar to having your north node in the twelfth house.

These people have their south node in Virgo. They have natural abilities in logical thinking and painstaking analysis. South node in Virgo natives have very practical and healthy daily routines that help them achieve a lot. However, they tend to worry too much, get lost in the details and focus on the rational only.

With north node in Pisces, they have to learn that we all belong to something much bigger. A healthy dose of skepticism is always good, but it shouldn't stop you from noticing wonders in life. These natives have to let their imagination flow free and trust their intuition. You have to learn how to work with your emotions without escaping them and develop a faith in the universe or call it as you like.

The Nodes in Houses

Besides their position in signs, it's equally important in which houses are the lunar nodes located in your natal chart. To get an idea what the location of your north node by house means, read the description above for the sign that rules the house of your north node in the natural chart.

Patterns in Families

Since the nodes stay in the same sign for nearly one and a half years, the people who were born under the same node sign form a big karmic group.

 It is common that in strong karmic bonds people share the same node signs, for example, the child has the nodes in the same zodiac sign as the parent. 

It's also common that you are attracted to someone who has the opposite nodes as you.

And finally, three questions to help you find a career to fulfill your life purpose

Questions to help you find what you are the most passionate about:

  1. What were the three last non-fictional books you read about?
  2. What do you talk about with your closest friends most often?
  3. Why do people thank you the most?

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