I consider myself very blessed and lucky because I discovered astrology. It enriched my life in many ways. Whatever reason made you click on this article, you probably shouldn't ignore your thirst for knowledge. 

(Unless you are thirsty in real life. In that case, make sure that your physical body is hydrated first.)

(I know that I'm funny.)

When you start testing the waters of astrology, you gain access to a life-changing tool. The majority of us never imagined that astrology would be so fascinating. Understanding it, however, is by no means an easy process. Get ready to feel a lot of frustration when you have already learned the basics, but there is way too much out there that doesn't seem to fit the big picture.

 Learning astrology is like climbing a steep mountain: the climbing feels exhausting but the view is worth it.

The perks of knowing astrology are plenty. In my case, it completely changed the way I perceive myself and other people. It gave me a very deep understanding of why the world  and people are like they are. It makes you more open-minded.

For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe.  -Larry Eisenberg, author

For example, an Aries Moon and a Cancer Moon will have a completely different reaction to the same event. They probably find the behavior of the other Moon stupid and irrational, but they are both fine, they are just different. Wanting to make others see and feel like we do is similar to expecting a fish to fly.

In the beginning, astrology doesn't even seem as complex and infinite as it is. As you learn more and more, you discover whole new layers of reality. You wish you knew already much more and understood astrology better.

So, how can you learn astrology as quickly as possible?

1. Memorize glyphs

Whenever you cast a horoscope, it will be filled with shorthands for astrological signs and the planets. These symbols are also called glyphs. If you don't recognize them immediately, it will take you a lot more time to understand the chart. One of the best things you can do to learn astrology as fast as possible is to memorize the glyphs. Luckily, there aren't too many of them, plus you see them everywhere in astrology, so it's not hard for them to stick in your mind.

by Ella Jardim on Unsplash ♡

2.Deep dive into the meaning of planets and signs

Without having an in-depth understanding of the planets, reading (or better said trying to read) a chart can be daunting. Again, understanding each planet is a process, but the longer you will be studying astrology, the more insight you'll get. 

It's very important to have a basic grasp of which sign and house the planets are related to, what they rule, what the signs' main qualities are etc. Make sure you understand the core concepts.

3. Start with your own natal chart, then continue with family and friends

Most people who start to learn astrology want to know more about themselves. The biggest benefit of this method is that you know your life story very well. It's easier to recognize the interpretations in your own life. 

You can't fool yourself and gloss over problems. The gut feeling will always tell you what's right, no matter if it's an uncomfortable truth to face. And this is the best thing about astrology! It makes you aware of your flaws and shows you how to improve yourself.

It's super exciting to peep into the charts of the people around you. Charts of family and friends are excellent because you know pretty much about them. This makes it easier to recognize some patterns and advance your knowledge of astrology. Have you noticed how many similarities are there in the charts of family members?

Looking up celebrity charts can be useful, but you don't know them personally. The public image they show is just a tiny part of their personalities. 

4. Find a community

It will skyrocket you if you find a community of like-minded astrology lovers. Besides discussing exciting topics, it's scientifically proven that the best way to learn and understand something is to explain it to someone else. So if you see someone asking a question you know the answer to, try to help them out.

Take up an astrology course and attend classes if you can. This way you'll have the opportunity ( and you are even supposed to ask questions!) ask an experienced astrologer about anything you don't understand. If you don't have a local community of astrology lovers, you can always join online forums.

5. Read as much as you can

Our generation is blessed to have easy access to information. We can get information on nearly every part of astrology in no time. It doesn't matter if you are interested in horary astrology or you want to know more about Saturn. 

You can read many useful articles and online, and YouTube is full of amazing educational astrology videos, too. However, this knowledge can be a bit scattered and superficial, it's harder to get a deep understanding this way. 

The other sources of information are books. These provide more in-depth information, as the author has more space to cover the topic in detail. There are plenty of terrific astrology books out there. Make sure that you make use of them and stand on the shoulder of giants.

6. Keep in mind that the stars impel but do not compel

Nothing is static in the universe. The planets kept moving after the moment you were born just like they were moving before. And this means that you can (and should) move, too! 

Destiny is in the character. If you change your attitude and behavior, you can change your outlooks. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING is set in stone. The process is not easy, but you can minimalize the hard influences and max out the good ones. This is where the understanding of astrology can help you tremendously. 

7. And finally, accept that perfect doesn't exist

You are learning a subject that has been around for thousands of years. Since then, a huge amount of knowledge has compounded. Anytime you feel frustrated, just remember that it's impossible to devour e all of it in a short time. 

We just have to accept the fact that astrology is too big of a topic to master in a few days, months or even years. 

Luckily, astrology is as fascinating as complex, so you won't get bored. 

Treat it like a fantastic tool for gaining insight into the essence of human beings. Try to get rid of perfectionism (I know, it's easy to say) and just keep on studying.

How long does it take to learn astrology?

You can learn the basics and the core concepts in 3-4 months. After you have understood what the houses and signs mean, how the planets manifest and how they work together when forming aspects, you can move on to delineation and synthesis. 

This is where the real fun starts!

From here, you need to practice, practice, and after you have practiced, practice some more. After getting familiar with natal charts, you can explore many predictive techniques, like secondary progressions or solar returns, to mention a few.

However, it takes a lifetime to master astrology. There are always new techniques to learn. Believe it or not, you will extract new information from your chart even after studying it for more decades. And this is why we are so addicted to astrology!