Jupiter is also called Fortuna major (greater benefic) and this tells a lot about this benevolent planet. In this part of the Planets in Astrology series, we will take a closer look at the planet of abundance, prosperity and luck, also known as Jupiter.

In astrology, Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and before the discovery of the outer planet Neptune, it ruled the sign of Pisces. It's exalted in Cancer, in fall in Capricorn and operates with the difficulty in the signs where it's in detriment, in Virgo and Gemini. Jupiter is connected to the ninth house in the natural chart. It represents the archetype of the wise old man and the sanguine temperament.

Jupiter in Astrology
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Jupiter is the biggest planet of the Solar System. It stays in each zodiac sign for about one year and approximately four months of this period is in retrograde motion. It is a gas giant and in astrology, Jupiter rules growth and expansion. Its glyph refers to the first letter of the Greek spelling for Zeus, the Greek equivalent of Jupiter and the king of gods.

Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter in astrology promotes growth and spiritual quest. It's called the greater benefic and it brings luck and prosperity to the house it is located in. It represents philosophic reasoning and higher education. The main keywords related to Jupiter in astrology are the higher self, spirituality, philosophy, universities, optimism, growth, morality and foreign countries and cultures.

Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius are related to everything foreign and long-distance travel. This gas giant is striving for new stimuli that bring new experiences. Visiting new countries and making friends with new people are something that definitely helps you to grow and broaden your perspective. Open-mindedness and tolerance are some of the characteristics of Jupiter. It's honorable, trustworthy, fair and generous.

Higher education is another place where you are constantly bombarded with knowledge. Jupiter rules universities, university professors, philosophy, law, and publishing. It's about spreading wisdom and knowledge in the world. Jupiter is fond of animals, especially horses. People with important placements in Sagittarius in their natal charts tend to love animals. 

Spirituality and people of religion are another topics related to Jupiter. Clergy, monks, nuns are in astrology all represented by this gas giant. A strong emphasis on the ninth house in the natal chart describes a person who finds spirituality very important. However, if the ninth house is afflicted, the native might use his power for bad purposes and doesn't accept that different people have different opinions. 

There is no fire without smoke, however. If Jupiter is afflicted in a natal chart, the native is prone to over-indulge and feel superior. There are some negative traits of expansion, complacency, the native becomes too confident, extravagant, too concerned with wealth or status. In short, there is a general tendency toward excess. The famous Jupiterian expansion might be present even on a physical level, the native can be prone to gaining weight.

Meaning of Jupiter in Astrology Keywords
Meaning of Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter and Luck

Jupiter is the planet of luck in astrology. Whatever it touches in the natal chart, Jupiter expands it. For example, Jupiter in a soft aspect with Mercury can give superior communication skills and even a talented poet or writer if there are other indications in the chart, too. If it is in an easy aspect with some personal points, the native is usually very lucky and somehow always gets away with things others probably wouldn't.

However, having such a powerful helper in life can make the native lazy and too self-confident. These people sometimes have trouble learning the meaning of hard work and persistence. They just rely too much on lucky coincidences. But in the long term, you can't always count on Jupiter to appear in a deus ex machina manner and save the day. 

Jupiter in the Natal Chart

Were Jupiter is located in the natal chart shows how and where you can find your luck the most easily. It gives abundance in the areas of life related to the matters of the house Jupiter is in. For example, someone with Jupiter in the sixth house might find a job whenever he wants or even the jobs will find him. Jupiter in the eighth might mean material gain through other people or an extra layer of protection in life-threatening situations.

Jupiter stays in the same sign for a year approximately, which means that many people share the same Jupiter sign. The qualities of the zodiac sign Jupiter is located in shows how can you become successful the most easily. 

A prominent Jupiter in the natal chart shows that in this lifetime, the native will be oriented on personal growth and expansion. 

On the negative side, an afflicted Jupiter in the natal chart can make the native prone to over-indulgence and overestimating. 

The best way to fully utilize your Jupiter and be as lucky as possible is to be as generous, kind, benevolent Jupiter itself.