After we have given an introduction on the luminaries, Mercury and Venus it's time to move on to the next planet. In this part of the Planets in Astrology series, you'll get to know Mars better. 

Mars is the closest neighbor to the Earth in the Solar System. It got its name after the Roman god of war, Mars, who is the Roman equivalent of Ares in Greek mythology. The glyph used for Mars depicts the shield and spear of Mars (but if you prolong it, it can also resemble the male genitalia). Mars has a very strong masculine and active energy. The archetype related to Mars in astrology is the warrior and the hero. Mars is all about action and life energy.

Mars rules the sign of Aries in the Zodiac. Before the discovery of Pluto, it ruled Scorpio, too, nowadays it's Scorpios co-ruler along with Pluto. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, in fall in Cancer and in detriment in the sign of Libra. It rules the first house in the natural chart. It needs two years to finish a whole circle around the Sun, which also means that Mars stays in each zodiac sign for about two months. Of these two years, it spends approximately 2-3 months in retrograde motion.

This planet is oriented on the physical world and on the here and now. In astrology, Mars rules ambition, the inner drive, sexual urges, and aggression, to name a few of the keywords related to the red planet. Mars is the vital force of the human beings and the animal part of the psyche that makes us strong enough to survive. However, if it gets out of control, it becomes violent and destructive.

Mars in Astrology
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Meaning of Mars in Astrology

Mars was the god of war and strife. In the ancient ages, the cult around Mars wasn't as strong as around the other gods. People were afraid of him because they were very well aware of the fact that it's so intense that could easily become a destructive force.
Mars rules everything related to war and aggression, guns, fire, wounds and cuts. It represents violence, but for example, surgery and operations are also associated with this fiery planet. Mars is the fire human civilization couldn't survive without. But just like with fire, you need to keep it under your control or else it destroys everything.

Mars has a double nature and there is a fine line between the constructive and the destructive use of its energies. It can help you execute your ideas and move forward or if you don't learn how to control it you risk destroying both yourself and those around you.

In the human psyche, Mars is the basic drive that makes it possible for us to survive. Both on a physical level (the fight-or-flight response and the reproductive instinct, for example) and on a more mental level (the drive to accomplish your goals). Mars provides the will to put your ideas into practice and execute on them. It makes you fight for your causes and stand up for yourself, gives stamina and ambition. Mars often prefers to rely merely on physical strength, however, at many times, it would be wiser to use tact and simply outsmart your opponent. 

Mars shrinks from nothing. He is never afraid to fight and likes to compete. But most of all, Mars likes to win, there is nothing as sweet to him as the taste of victory. In astrology, Mars rules combativeness, courage and fearlessness. The red planet is never afraid to jeopardize, danger even excites him. This is true both on a mental and physical level. 

Mars plays a big role in sexuality. It represents the raw physical instincts and doesn't care about romance, flowers and candlelight. Mars is the exact opposite of Venus, that's why they are attracted to each other so powerfully.

Meaning of Mars in Astrology Keywords
Meaning of Mars in Astrology

Because of its fiery nature, an afflicted Mars in the natal chart can make the native accident-prone and they can make decisions in a rush. It's a very flammable, intolerant and impatient planet. In its lower aspects, Mars can give an uncontrollably aggressive nature that causes problems both for the native and for his environment. In the worst case, the native can become violent and even hurt or kill others.

In the human body, Mars rules the head and face, muscular system, outer reproductive organs, and red blood corpuscles.

Mars in the Natal Chart

The position of Mars in your natal chart shows in which area of life do you invest most of your energy. Someone with Mars in the second house might use most of her energy to reach financial prosperity. Iz's about where you expend your energy. Mars also describes the native's sexual drive.

People with prominent Mars are usually competitive, have a great amount of ambition and plenty of energy. Their inner resources seem to be endless. It gives a touch of combativeness to every planet Mars comes into contact with. For example, Mars in aspect with Mercury gives argumentative communication skills and a very sharp tongue.

In the charts of sportsmen and sportswomen Mars if often dominant. Mars rules physical activity, so it's no wonder that these people utilize Martian energies well.