Have you ever wondered why some people don't resemble their sun signs at all?

 When you meet someone who acts like a Virgo but is supposed to be a Leo? Well, they can be a Leo, and still seem to be a Virgo at first glance. The reason is the ascendant or the rising sun.

How to find your ascendant?

The ascendant or rising sign is the sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the very moment of the native's first take of breath, as seen from the place of birth. 

To calculate your ascendant, you need to know your exact time of birth. Knowing only the date is not enough. If you don't have this data, you can get a birth certificate or call the hospital you were born in.

The sign on the eastern horizon changes every one or two hours. During a 24-hours day, all twelve signs come up. This means that two persons born on the same day can have very different natal charts. Do you see how unique each person is?

Meaning of the Ascendant in the Natal Chart
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OK, so will you tell me what does the ascendant mean?

Let's find out what the ascendant means and why it is important.

The ascendant is like a mask you wear in the world. When you put yourself out there, you have to face the unknown. To add a layer of protection, the core of personality aka the Sun gets to hind behind this mask.

Hence, when someone meets you for the first time, they don't really get to know the you you, they get to know your ascendant-personality.

Let's say you're rising sign is Aquarius. At first glance, people will perceive you like intellectual, unique and a bit cold. To keep it short, they'll attach the qualities of your rising sign to you. Your Sun sign could be for example Taurus or Sagittarius, their traits won't come across until the person get's to know you better.

It can be lonely and painful when the native's Sun sign and ascendant sign don't work well together or when the Sun is located around the Descendant. You feel like others can't see your true self. For example, a soft Pisces Sun hid behind the facade of a raw Aries or intense Scorpio ascendant can feel pretty misunderstood. The easiest is when the two signs are compatible and mingle well. For example, a Taurus rising can help a Pisces Sun turn dreams into reality with its famous hard work and persistence.

The opposite point of the ascendant is called the descendant. The descendant is the cusp of the seventh house, the house of marriage and partnership. The sign on it embodies the qualities you sometimes don't like in yourself, so you tend to project them onto others. 

My ascendant isn't like it is supposed to be

Planets in aspect with the ascendant can heavily modify how it manifests. If you have a planet conjunct your ascendant, sometimes it seems like your ascendant is the sign this planet rues. For example, if you have the Moon on your ascendant in Aries, you won't come across as a typical daredevil Aries. The Moon gives you a soft and sensitive touch to the level where you sometimes appear to be a Cancer rising.

Any aspect makes its mark on the rising sign. Let's say that you are a Gemini rising with Saturn sextile the ascendant. In this case, Saturn will put a lot of seriousness on fun-loving and chatty but scatter-brained Gemini. 

A planet to rule them all

Make sure to find in your chart where is the ruler of your ascendant located. This planet is called the chart ruler and it's very important. Find in this list your rising sign, then look for the planet associated with it in your natal chart.

Here are the planets you should be looking for:

  • Aries -> Mars
  • Taurus or Libra -> Venus
  • Gemini or Virgo -> Mercury
  • Cancer -> Moon
  • Leo -> Sun
  • Scorpio ->Pluto (this is a tough one)
  • Sagittarius -> Jupiter
  • Capricorn -> Saturn (no piece of cake either)
  • Aquarius -> Uranus
  • Pisces -> Neptune

When you have found it, look at its position by house and by sign. As the ruler of the first house, the chart ruler brings a lot of the native's energy to the house where it's located. The affairs of this house usually become the main topic in the native's life. 

For example, if your chart ruler is located in the fourth house, your home and family will be of great importance to you. The majority of your focus will be concentrated in this area.

If you want to know more about your ascendant and the natal chart, make sure to check out our resources on houses and placements. The first house is a good place to start discovering your natal chart.