Many people would agree that the world can feel like a harsh place sometimes. From time to time, it feels great to run away to somewhere more magical and refresh your energies. 

This place is the realm of the outer planet Neptune. 

In this part of the Planets in Astrology series, we will dive into the divine waters of Neptune.

Neptune was discovered in 1846 and it's named after Neptune, the god of the sea in Roman mythology and the equivalent of the Greek Poseidon. It is an ice giant along with Uranus, and you can't see them with the naked eye. It's the smallest of the four giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) in the Solar System. 

The glyph used for Neptune represents the trident of god Neptune. (But if you take a closer look, it can be even an aerial that helps you receive the signals from the kingdom of dreams and fantasies). 

Neptune rules the sign of Pisces (formerly ruled by Jupiter) and is in detriment in Virgo. The signs of exaltation and fall haven't been established yet, however, some astrologers think that Neptune is exalted in Leo. In the natural chart, the twelfth house of Pisces is associated with Neptune. 

In astrology, this planet rules imagination, inspiration, dreams, but on the other hand, it also rules escapism, addictions and fraud. This planet acts in a subtle, elusive and gradual way in astrology. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus.

Neptune in Astrology

Neptune is the god of the sea in Roman mythology, so no wonder that this planet governs the maritime world. 

It rules everything related to the sea and the ocean. Fish, ships, fishermen, and the underwater world are all part of the realm of Neptune in astrology. This planet is even of a deep, ocean blue color. There is a drifting quality to Neptune, here you give up the need to control, and just go with the flow. It has passive and feminine energy.

Neptune in Astrology
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Neptune is the planet of inspiration, mystique and mystery. Neptune is often prominent in the chart of artists. This planet is associated with many forms of art, especially music and acting. Neptune rules illusion, and if you think about it, films and even theater are pure illusion. They represent something that doesn't exist in the real world or even if it existed some time ago it ceased to exist anymore. The stage and television are all attributed to Neptune.

Neptune governs fantasy and inspiration comes from the realm of Neptune. It has a big role in poetry and literature. In the charts of poets, there is often a soft Mercury-Neptune aspect that helps them put the divine inspiration they experience in words. Dancing and music are also governed by Neptune in astrology.

Sometimes the divine inspiration comes while you are asleep. Neptune rules hypnosis, sleeping, and dreams in astrology. 

It also governs the collective unconscious, and when you enter the Neptunian world, the border between the conscious and the unconscious disappears. It's about dissolving your personality in the sea of the immaterial and unconscious. Here you lose your personality and find your soul and connection to the universe. You become merciful and forgiving both toward yourself and other souls. Venus rules personal love, and Neptune being the higher octave of Venus, is the planet of divine compassion.

You can find the connection with God and the heavenly through Neptune. It rules meditation, spirituality and unconditional love. You can clean and refresh your soul in the sea of the divine. Trance and psychedelic experiences also belong to this planet. It makes you merge with your surroundings and experience yourself as a part of something much bigger.

The unwanted effects of dissolving too often in the Neptunian world include escapism and addictions. Neptune rules all liquids, drugs, and anesthetics in astrology. Also, it also governs narcotics and alcohol. These substances help you to reach the world of dreams and fantasy, but they should be treated with great care and in reason. 

Neptune rules fog, deception, and illusions. If someone loses the touch with reality, Neptune can distort the everyday world for them and enchant them so much that they won't find the way back. This planet's utopian dreams and unattainable ideals can also make you suffer, so be careful when you approach its matters. Also, Neptune tends to sacrifice itself and suffer for others, sometimes there is a tendency for self-deception.

In the human body, Neptune rules the feet.

Neptune in the Natal Chart

Neptune is a transgenerational planet because it spends approximately years in each sign. It finishes a circle around the Sun in 165 years. Because it moves so slowly, the effects of Neptune in signs can be felt more on a generational level than in your personal life. The position of Neptune by houses in the natal chart has a bigger effect on the native on a personal level.

Neptune is in apparent retrograde motion every 367 days.

 If Neptune is retrograde in a natal chart, the native will express its qualities inward. These people have a vivid imagination and a rich inner world, but they can find it hard to turn their ideas and dreams into reality. They can have self-sacrificing tendencies and they are very sensitive. They need to occasionally retreat from the world and meditate often.

A well-aspected Neptune gives the native access to the world of fantasies and endless inspiration. These people are often very artistic and gentle souls. Other traits of a prominent Neptune are sensitivity and sometimes even psychic abilities and prophetic visions if there are other indications in the chart, too.

Natives with an afflicted Neptune tend to be messy and procrastinate too much. They can also be prone to illusions, they can both fool themselves or others, depending on the rest of the chart. This planet is famous for illusions and losing touch with reality. There is a strong distortion of reality, so it's important to be real with yourself and be aware of the Neptunian self-deception, especially in the areas of life attached to the house your Neptune is located in.

If you have an afflicted Neptune in your natal chart or some placement in your twelfth house, it's advised that you stay away altogether from drugs and alcohol.

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