You've just arrived to the house of Scorpio in the natal chart, welcome! The eighth house is a super fascinating place, it's, mystical, intense, and full of taboos.

The sign and planet associated with the eighth house in astrology are Scorpio and its ruling planet, Pluto. It's sometimes called the House of Sex and Death -this already gives you a basic idea what you can expect here! The eighth house in the natal chart governs the greatest mysteries of human existence.

The Eighth House in the Natal Chart
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Let's take a closer look at what is hidden here.

 The key topics of the eighth house in astrology are deep transformation, regeneration, sex, death, rebirth, near-death experiences and support you get from others.

The second house is about what is mine, the eighth is about what is yours. The eighth house rules the resources and assets of other people which you get to use. These include legacies and inheritance of the dead and your partner's goods. Loans, mortgage, insurance, and tax are also part of the eighth house in the natal chart.

As we've just mentioned,  resources of other people belong to the eighth house in astrology. It describes the financial conditions and possessions of the person you marry. If you use the technique of derivative techniques, the eighth is the seventh house from the second. Everything you gain through marriage or through your partner can be seen in your eighth house. It shows if you will inherit a nice sum of money when someone of your family members passes away or if you'd better work hard to secure your future.

But it's not that simple. You don't just receive in the eighth house, you also have to give and pay others. This astrological house rules tax collectors and bankers who work with the money of strangers.

The Caterpillar Turns into a Butterfly

Nothing changes if nothing changes. The eighth house is also about life-changing transformations. This includes both mental, spiritual and physical changes like birth and death.

The realm of Plutonian events always brings a painful and radical experience. You have to give up and let go of what holds dear to you. These moments in life belong to the eighth house.

But after it's over, there is a possibility of complete rebirth. You will be a much deeper and much more complex personality.

These experiences lay the foundation for the search for wisdom of the ninth house. The eighth-house matters are just a vehicle to dramatic growth in life and afterward, it's time for the next level of the game. Sometimes you get to continue this game on this planet in the same body, sometimes you continue it on a totally new and different level.

The eighth house shows the probability of having a near-death experience. For example, many people with Mars in the eighth survive accidents or other dangerous events when they almost lose their lives, but in the end, they get out alive.

 (But it's important to emphasize again that each position can manifest in many different ways. Luckily, this house is all about regeneration, too.)

 This event always brings a thorough transformation. You usually learn from them and start to appreciate the chance to be alive. Nearly all people who had a near-death experience say that it changed their lives and they have been more "awake" since then.

The infamous eighth house governs physical death, too. This is a very uncertain topic though.

 Of course, everyone who was born will die some day. But according to some spiritual teachers, there are more opportunities through life to leave this world behind, and the soul can choose which is the best. Astrologers refrain from analyzing death at all.

The eighth house rules sex along with Mars and Venus. They rule different aspects of it, however. Mars is the animal part of sexuality and the survival instinct, Venus rules romance and eroticism. Pluto, Scorpio and the eighth house are about passion and obsession. It wants to possess the partner and gets jealous when feels that the relationship is in jeopardy. Pluto is about intense emotions and bonding at a very deep and personal level.

Another eighth-house matter is deep research, secrets and the occult. Scorpio is about finding everything buried deep under the surface. Natives with an emphasized eighth house usually find the occult fascinating. Sometimes a full eighth house can give psychic abilities and sensitivity for the undercurrents. However, if you have Mars and Neptune involved, it might be better to avoid this topic altogether. If you are into astrology, probably you have one planet or two in the eighth house in your chart. The eighth house in the natal chart is one of the karmic houses. Since it's one of the water houses, emotions and deep, hidden parts of your personality play a big role here.

The probing mind of Scorpio can be well utilized to see the depths of the human mind and soul. Many psychologists have a full eighth house or Scorpio and Pluto emphasized otherwise in their natal charts. For example, the Sun in the eighth house is a born psychologist regardless of the sign. Scorpio has a strong healing quality to it. It's higher octaves are here to help us heal the scars deeply buried.

The eighth house is one of the most interesting houses in the natal chart, but there is a touch of mystery to it. If you have any planets there, make sure to find out what they mean in your chart.

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