As the celestial body the closest to us, the Moon has an enormous effect on the Earth. Just think about ebb and flow. The Moon affects us, human beings in many ways, too, both related to the natal chart and our everyday lives. Did you know that the majority of women get their periods around full moon? It's not just the closest to us, it's also the fastest moving planet in astrology with its orbit of 28 days.

Let's learn about the meaning of the Moon in astrology.

The Moon in the natal chart represents the female principle and your emotions and inner world. It is associated with the archetypes of the mother and the wife. The Moon in astrology rules the sign of Cancer, it's exalted in Taurus, in fall in Scorpio and the Moon is in detriment in Capricorn. In the natural chart, the fourth house is associated with the Moon and Cancer, the house of family and home.

The three most important features of a natal chart are the Sun, the Moon and the ascendant. Of course, if you know only these elements, you won't be able to get the full image, but still, they are the biggest building blocks of a personality.

Meaning of the Moon in Astrology

The Sun is about the male and active principle and the Moon is about the female and reactive principle. The Moon shows how you react to what happens to you and your emotions, it has receptive energy. This planet is about your habits and subconscious. After all, habits are actions repeated over and over until they become automatic and governed by the subconscious.

The Moon is about intuition and instincts. Water Moons are especially intuitive. This planet is irrational, there are no logical explanations for feelings, you just need to acknowledge and accept them as they are. They can't be right or wrong, feelings are neutral and they just exist. There is no use in resisting them. You have probably heard before that what you resist, persists.

In the natal chart, the Moon shows your emotional needs, what makes you feel safe and how you need to be nurtured. It also describes your style of nurturing and making others feel safe. People who are out of touch with their own feelings usually find it hard to understand the feelings of others. The Moon represents your sensitivity and your innermost feelings.

In the natal chart, your mother (or the more nurturing parent) can be seen through your Moon. An afflicted Moon tells that your relationship with this parent probably wasn't the smoothest. It's interesting how the love you got from the mother figure in your life is intertwined with how secure and accepted you feel as an adult in general. People who didn't get the love they needed during their childhood tend to become imbalanced and suffering adults.

In the chart of a female, the Moon describes you as a mother, too. If you have kids, after their birth you tend to identify more with the qualities of your Moon. In the chart of males, the Moon describes their wife and the mother of their children. This celestial body rules fertility, pregnancy and giving birth.

The Moon and Periodicity

In astrology, the Moon rules periodic changes and fluctuations. The Moon itself as a celestial body has the most apparent phases. It takes 28 days or approximately a month for the Moon to make a full circle around us. 

Lunar phases in the natal chart have a big influence over the native, each phase brings different energies. The lunar and solar eclipses preceding the birth are very important as well.

Moon in the Natal Chart

The position of the Moon in the natal chart is very important. It symbolizes your emotions and inner worlds. The Moon in houses in the natal charts shows what makes you feel safe and how you need to be nurtured. If you feel insecure or aren't happy in general, it's a must to look at the position of the Moon in your birth chart.

Meaning of the Moon in Astrology Keywords
Meaning of the Moon in Astrology Keywords

For example, someone who has the Moon in the fifth house should pick up some hobbies and activities that they enjoy and make sure that they find the time to pursue them. The fifth house is about creative self-expression. This position needs to nurture your inner children with activities that help you reach the state of flow.  

If you have the Moon in the third house, it's beneficial to read and write a lot. Second-house Moon feels safe if there is financial prosperity in your life, and so on. The activities of the given house show how to comfort your Moon. 

The Moon in signs shows your inner world and how you react to the world. Moon in Cancer has very deep emotions and it's very sensitive. A Virgo Moon has a more practical approach to feelings, they are usually focused on problem-solving. A Gemini Moon might want to talk about feelings or to keep a journal and write a diary. If you want to know more about the position of your Moon, we have plenty of articles on the Moon in signs and houses.

A strong Moon in the natal chart points out that the native is an emotional person who likes to take care of others. For example, Moon conjunct the ascendant shows that children are very important to you

Did you find something that's not correct? Here is the solution.

The Moon is NOT a planet, even though it's the second in our Planets in Astrology series.

Well, you are absolutely right. The Sun and the Moon in astrology are referred to as planets because astrologers have used these terms for ages and to keep it traditional and simple we fo it so even nowadays. The Sun and the Moon are sometimes called luminaries.