The ninth house in the natal chart is associated with the beneficial planet Jupiter and Sagittarius, the sign it rules. This house is all about raising the level of consciousness, wisdom and exploring more of the world. The ninth house in astrology is a cadent house, which means that placements here are expressed more on a mental level. It's a beneficial and positive house.

There are many matters that belong to the ninth house in astrology. At first glance, they don't seem to be similar, but later you will see how all the ninth-house matters are connected. Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and wisdom, so it is no wonder that the main theme here is to gain knowledge and expand your horizons. The ninth house in the natal chart rules higher education, long-distance travel, foreign cultures, and long journeys. Religious people are also part of this house, just like inspiration and spiritual visions. This house in astrology corresponds to the search for wisdom, broader perspectives, and moral ideals.

The Ninth House in the Natal Chart
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The third house rules the concrete mind, while the ninth house governs the abstract mind. The abstract mind processes theories and philosophic ideas. The third house gives you the pieces of the puzzle. The ninth house helps you put the pieces of the puzzle together and see the big picture and the larger whole. The sign on the cusp of the ninth house, any planets there and the position of its ruler by sign and house tell a lot about your approach to knowledge. For example, Scorpio on the cusp likes to deep dive into the subject and has extraordinary research skills. Virgo has an analytical approach to gaining knowledge. Aquarius loves new and unconventional ideas in particular. Besides formal higher education, the ninth house rules all self-education and search for knowledge. It also shows what the native believes about the world and ethics.

Astrology has been used for thousands of years. In the Middle Ages, if you wanted to get a higher education, you had little choice but to travel to foreign countries because universities weren't available everywhere. During these years you came into contact with many different cultures, met new people with new beliefs and learned to speak a few foreign languages. These topics are all ruled by the ninth house in the natal chart: universities and higher education, foreign languages, meeting new cultures, long journeys and distant travel.

It's interesting how Jupiter governs both knowledge and success. Usually, the jobs that enable you to prosper require higher education. However, people in any field are successful financially if they really excel at what they do. This amount of knowledge, however, can't be attained by waiting for others to fill your brain. You need to put in the effort and educate yourself by reading, attending seminars and continuously searching for new methods and approaches. Jupiter also rules luck. As they say, luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. So if you want to get lucky, make sure you make the first step. Expanding your dictionary expands your opportunities in any field.

The ninth house and Jupiter rule growth on a spiritual level (however, an emphasized Jupiter on the ascendant can give a chubby physical appearance, too). There is an upbeat and elevating energy to it, Jupiter is the planet of joy and happiness, so these qualities are also present in the ninth house. It's a place where you expand your horizons both on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

The ninth house in the natal chart is about finding the wisdom that's universal worldwide. The ninth house embraces Joseph Cambell's Monomyth. The journey is the same for every hero who steps on it, no matter if they lived in the ancient ages, during the XX. century, nowadays or a hundred years from now. You need to pass the same phases, encounter the same problems as someone from the other side of the globe. The ninth house in the natal chart is about the heightened awareness and expansive wisdom you acquire this way.  After you realize how all of us are connected and you understand that we all are pieces of something bigger, you can't identify with any racist philosophies.

Jupiter symbolizes the archetype of the wise and beneficial old man, sometimes monk in the natal chart. It embodies the knowledge that can only be attained through age and experience. The ninth house in astrology is about finding this knowledge and wide perspective of the superconscious and the higher self. This wisdom becomes ingrained in your personal philosophy. Your ninth house describes your spiritual and religious values and views. It's also referred to as the House of Spirit in astrology.

Philosophy, law, and publishing are some other ninth-house matters in astrology. For example, Mercury (writing, books) making a soft aspect to Jupiter (to expand, multiply) is a frequent aspect in the natal chart of publishers.

An emphasized ninth house in a natal chart shows a person who is interested in philosophy and loves to learn. Higher education often plays in the lives of these natives a double role, they tend to work as professors at a university. A full ninth house can also hint a career in the field of law or religion. Clergy, priests, monks, nuns, and all people of religion are part of this house.

The sign on the cusp and your placement here show you how can you find the ways to spirituality and refresh your energies. For example, people with Aries here can enjoy sports and physical activity and it makes them feel like being a part of a larger whole. Taurus here shows that you can reconnect with the universe when you spend some time in nature and so on.

Using the technique of derivative houses, the ninth is the third from the seventh house and the fifth from the fifth house. It describes some of your family members. According to this, your grandchildren and in-laws can be seen through the ninth house in the natal chart.

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