After you have learned in the first house what it means to be alive on this planet as an individual, it's time to move on to the next lesson. The second house in the natal chart takes over. You learn what is yours and what isn't. A period follows when the child starts to learn what it means to have hands, legs, mom, and a teddybear. This is the phase of life when we level up to the matters of the second house in astrology. If the first house in a chart is all about the native, the second is all about what the native possesses.

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In the natural chart, the second house is connected to the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. (Having Venus in the second house is a good indicator of material success!) Taurus being an earth sign means being focused on the here and now, acquiring wealth, and finding out how to make our time on this planet as enjoyable as possible. Possessions, seeking comfort, and sensuality is what this sign is all about.

To get access to enjoyable things, you need to possess resources you can offer in exchange for goods -money. However, money is only one variable, it's a medium for exchange. For example, when you pay someone to clean your house, you save time to spend on whatever is most important to you. It is some form of energy, like love. You need to make sure that it circulates.

The second house in astrology is also called the House of Values. Everything we find valuable can be found here. The main thing associated with the second house is usually money, of course. However, there is much more to it.

Sure, money, resources, and possessions of all kinds (except for real estate) are second-house matters. But it is also a repository of non-tangible values: personal abilities, talents and deep desires. It describes the things you dedicate your life to redeem.

If you find something worthy, you allocate a lot of your time and other resources to get it. In this way, the second house has a hidden but enormous influence on your life. Choosing to invest in one thing, however, means to give up on many others. You need to find out what is the most valuable to you and stick to it. The second house gives subtle hints about your work career. In the sixth and tenth house, you can find more information about your career in the natal chart.

The second house in the natal chart reflects your personal value system, what you aspire to gain and possess. Basically, the things you can find in the second house make you feel valuable. This includes personal growth and developing your talents, too, besides material gain. The second house in the natal chart is full of talents and assets. Look for the sign on the cusp and if you have any planets there. For example, if you've got Libra on the cusp, you might have dormant talents in some aesthetic field.

The second house is also the house of self-worth and self-esteem. Isn't it interesting how money and self-esteem are intertwined? Security is related to this house on some level, too. One of the basic human needs is to feel safe, and whatever gives us this feeling, we consider it valuable.

What you think of the things you find valuable is also one of the themes of the second house. Your attitude has an enormous influence on anything you do.

Even your body as an invaluable resource also belongs here. This is surely a possession you should always invest in! What is your attitude towards your body? Do you take care of it and cherish it?

It's a common issue among spiritual people that wanting money is immoral. But try to look at it this way: money won't change anyone, it just emphasizes the existing personality traits.

 If someone is already a jerk, money will give them only more power to abuse. On the other hand, good-hearted people spend money on things that serve the greater good. For example, if you have enough, you can afford to buy organic vegetables that cost more and support sustainability.
 Again, see how you spend money according to your system of values?

Your earning power is also described by the second house in the natal chart. For example, Jupiter in the second house gives above-average financial outlooks. (But be careful, because whatever Jupiter touches expands, this is true of your spendings, too!)

The second house, the planets in them and their aspects show you how you can make money. Let's take an example. Don't get desperate if you have Saturn in the second - it doesn't mean you will have financial restrictions until the end of your life. It only means you will make money the Saturn way. With Saturn here, lack of self-esteem is usually the real issue.

Financial success isn't just about making money. For sure, that's the first step, but you also need to keep that money in order to acquire wealth. The second house describes your saving habits and how you invest the surplus. Along with the eighth house, your attitude to debt can be seen here.

Find the ruler of the second house in the natal chart. The sign and house the ruling planet is located in shows you what purpose your resources and possessions serve. For example, the ruler in the seventh ninth house might mean that you use your resources to travel long-distance and learn about foreign cultures. Wherever the ruler is, the activities of the second house serve the agenda of that house.

If you have any planets in the second house, check out which house they rule in your chart. Let's say you have the ruler of the tenth in the second. Since the tenth house stands for career, this means that you'll probably make money through a career. If you have the ruler of the seventh in the second, you can watch out for money through marriage. You get the idea.

Look up which sign is on the cusp and which planets are there in your second house, then find out on our site what do these positions mean.

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