The fourth house in astrology is all about domestic affairs and their influence on you. Naturally ruled by Cancer and the Moon, the fourth house describes your family, one of your parents, roots, your house, and the real estate you own at any age. Both the home of your childhood and the home you create as an adult can be seen through the fourth house in astrology. Along with the Moon in your chart, it shows what makes you feel safe and nurtured and what feels home to you.

The cusp of the fourth house is called the Immum Coeli or IC in astrology. This was the lowest point of the sky at the moment of your birth, as seen from the place where you were born. Opposite the IC is the Midheaven, this is the other axis of the natal chart beside the ascendant-descendant axis. In horary astrology, the fourth house shows the outcome of any matter.

fourth house in the natal chart
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The fourth house in the natal chart shows your heritage, ancestry, and your roots, and your relationship with them. Like the eighth and the twelfth house, it's considered to be a karmic house. The fourth-house karma is the intergenerational karma of your bloodline, not your own karma as an individual.

Sometimes we don't even get it how powerful the memory of human bodies is and how much information we pass down through our DNA. The science of epigenetics has proven that trauma experienced by one generation will affect the descendants in a great amount. What your ancestry experienced in the past affects you in many ways.

If you have a malefic here, it might refer to some not so cheerful events in your family you might not even be aware of. There is a touch of mystery to the fourth house. Besides your family, it describes how you perceived your town and country of origin.

Early childhood is of uttermost importance because it lays the foundation for your whole life. The fourth house shows whether you are basically secure or insecure. If you experienced the world when an infant or a young child as a safe and welcoming place, you'll have the basic trust as an adult to establish meaningful and loving relationships. This is why the fourth house is so important in the natal chart. The presence of malefics or severe afflictions here tells us that the native suffered a lot when they were a child.

What we learn in our family will make its mark on our decisions as adults. The patterns we learned from our parents we are likely to repeat in our own adult lives. For example, Mars in the fourth house or Aries on the cusp might mean that in your childhood there were often quarrels in your family. When you grow up and start your own family, you find yourself arguing a lot with your partner. It's one of the reasons why children of aggressors often 'choose' aggressive partners when they grow up, unconsciously of course.

However, scars from childhood tend to be buried very, very deeply. That's why we unfortunately too often repeat patterns that make us suffer, but can't understand why do we do that. The fourth-house matters tend to be hidden in the deeper layers of the self. If they stop you from living your life as you would like to, therapy can do wonders. This house describes what can make you either feel very safe and comfortable or very sad. It shows what kind of nurturing appeals to you (hint: the one that is familiar from your childhood).

This house is all about privacy. The tenth house shows your public image, while you share your fourth house only with your family and people very close to you.

Your parents are described by the fourth and the tenth house. The opinions are divided over which house is related to which parent. Traditionally they associated the mother with the fourth and the father with the tenth. Nowadays, most astrologers think that the more nurturing parent belongs to the fourth house and the more dominant to the tenth. A good way to decide who can be seen through which house is to look at your chart and find similarities with your parents' charts. For example, if your mother's Sun or Moon sign is Taurus and you have Taurus on the cusp of the fourth house, then probably she is described by the fourth.

The fourth house rules every kind of real estate and land. If your fourth house or the sign of Cancer is related to your second house, you might make money through real estate. The condition of the fourth house can also show you if you should stay in the town where you were born. If your fourth house is well-aspected or you have a benefic planet there, let's say, Venus or Jupiter, you usually don't need to move to find your luck. If you have the ruler of your fourth house in the fourth, you will probably never move. The fourth house is sometimes used in horoscope rectification when the exact time of birth is unknown.

The fourth house in the natal chart is related to all beginnings and endings. It doesn't describe your childhood only, but the fourth house also shows old age and how you will spend your last years on this planet. Looking at the sign on the cusp, the planets in the fourth house, the ruling planet, and the aspects it makes, you can predict if you can await a happy old age.

 Being an angular house, planets here are strong and manifest in the material world. If you have an emphasized fourth house, your private surroundings, family, and home will play a major rule in your life. You will probably spend most of your energy in these areas of life, especially if the chart ruler is the fourth, too.

If you have any planets in your fourth house in the natal chart, read about the meaning of these positions in the planets in houses section.

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