As we arrive on our journey through the natal chart to the upper hemisphere, the focus shifts from us to other people in our lives. The seventh house in the natal chart is the first which describes a person other than you. If the keyword of the first house is 'I', then the keyword of the seventh house in the natal chart is 'you'.

If you want to know more about your love life and marriage, keep reading about the seventh house in the natal chart!

Often referred to as the House of Partnerships, the seventh house in astrology stands for all committed relationships. This includes marriage, business partnerships, and close friendships as well. It's all about intimacy. The sign of the Zodiac associated with the seventh house in astrology is Libra. Libra is the sign of diplomacy and it's ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. Libras simply need relationships. They can't be happy without them.

Some of the keywords associated with the seventh house are cooperation,  committed relationships, partnerships, legal affairs, contracts and lawsuits, agreements, diplomacy, business partnerships, public dealings. The seventh house is the house of open enemies, enemies you are aware of. Hidden enemies belong to the twelfth house.
The seventh is an angular house, which means that planets here are powerful and they usually manifest in the physical world.

The seventh house in the natal chart in astrology
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Using the technique of derivative houses you can find that the seventh is the fourth house counted from your fourth house. It shows your grandparent, the parent of your mother or father, whoever is described in your own fourth house.

The seventh house in the natal chart rules is all about committed relationships. If you want to know more about your (future) partner, marriage and your approach to them, go to your seventh house. The sign on the cusp, if there are any planets in, the ruler of the house and its aspects show all matters related to this house. They describe your partner and why you get married. For example, Pisces on the seventh house cusp gets married because they truly love their partner, Cancer to have a family, Leo seeks protection and to be taken care of and admired by the partner. Have you noticed a pattern in the people you choose to date?

Gemini or Mercurian energy here can bring more than one marriage. However, the second marriage is described by the ninth house. It's interesting to notice that sometimes the second marriage works out way more successful than the first one. You would think that the person has the same approach to all marriages, however, the don't do necessarily. If your ninth house is much better aspected, you have better chances to make your second marriage more successful than the first one.

Nowadays, however, for a relationship to be counted as a marriage, you don't need to get married in the legal sense. Every relationship counts as committed as long as both of you are deeply involved and are close to each other. Saturn rules all formalities such as the wedding. When you get married as in saying yes at a ceremony, the relationship becomes influenced by Saturn. This can explain why does the relationship change a lot after the wedding.

The cusp of the seventh house is called the descendant. This is the point opposite the ascendant, the point that is the furthest away from you. If the ascendants you, then the descendant represents the other person. The sign on the cusp shows qualities you find hard to identify with. Sometimes you don't even like these energies and project them onto others. That's why they say that opposites attract each other, and in many synastry charts, the ascendants fall on the other person's descendant.

For some reason, you are attracted to your descendant sign and choose to surround yourself with people who embody the descendant's qualities. Let's take someone with Virgo rising for example. Analytical, well-organized and practical Virgos tend to be attracted to chaotic but full of love Pisces. They find it sometimes annoying that their partner's head is always in the clouds, but the truth is, deep down there is a part in every Virgo's personality that loves to have its head in the clouds. If you don't like the kind of partners you attract, it could be that your descendant has similar qualities to your Sun sign. Which means that your partner gets to embody the qualities you long to embody. Don't forget that in the chart the Sun is the real self, not the ascendant. The ascendant is just a mask, and intimacy is not sustainable if you need to pretend you are someone else.

The seventh house is not only about your love relationships, but it also describes your business unions. When you sign a contract with someone, this house shows if this is a wise decision or you would be better off going back to your first house and doing business on your own.

People close to you all belong to the seventh house. Close friendships are usually part of this house, not the eleventh, where an emotional bond isn't present.

Seeing the other person's point of view helps you find balance in your life, which is one of the most important things. It shows how you cooperate, whether you like to play in a team or if you prefer to do things on your own.

The seventh house rules all things legal in the chart. Beneficial planets here such as Venus or Jupiter give luck in the court if otherwise not afflicted. If your seventh house is somehow debilitated, it's wiser to find some other solution.

The seventh house is a very important one in the natal chart. Find out if you have any planets there and which sign is on the cusp, then read about what these positions mean in your chart on our site.

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