The keyword to the sixth house in astrology is service. The two main topics of the sixth house in the natal chart are work and health. If you already know the qualities of zodiac signs, it's easy to see why are the sign of Virgo and its ruling planet, Mercury associated with the sixth house in the natal chart. Some astrologers connect the asteroid Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer to Virgo, however, since Chiron was only discovered recently, this is not a mainstream view yet.

Some matters of the sixth house on the natal chart are your job, service to others, duty, your daily routines and habits, pets, everything related to your health, such as sickness, but also hygiene, your eating habits, working out, and so on. This house is all about modesty and accomplishments. People related to the sixth house in the natal chart are aunts and uncles, medical staff and all people who help you in some way as a part of their job.

The sixth house is a cadent house, which means that planets here manifest more on a mental level than in the physical world.

The Sixth House in the Natal Chart
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Usually referred to it as the house of work, the sixth house represents work in the job sense. It's working as an employee. This is about serving others and putting their wellbeing ahead of yours. The condition of the sixth house shows your relationship with coworkers and your working conditions. It's one of the so-called money houses (the second, the sixth and the tenth), so it does give a few hints about your career, but the career itself is shown through the tenth house. For example, the charts of doctors and medical nurses tend to have an emphasized sixth house.

If you are an employer, your relationship and attitude towards your employees can be seen through your sixth house in the natal chart. Here are to be found all the people who give some kind of service to you or help you, from the plumber through your doctor to your hairdresser.

Your everyday routines and day to day activities can be seen through this house, too. In the sixth house, you have control over your actions unlike in the twelfth, where you don't. It's about your habits and actions you repeat every day. There is a touch of responsibility and practical approach in this house, you simply do what you are supposed to do here.

The sign on the cusp of the sixth house, if you have any planets there and the aspects and placements by sign and house of the ruling planet tell a lot about your health. Health is related to routines and habits in a great amount. Let's take dental health for example. You can keep your teeth healthy if you take care of them every single day. If you wash your teeth when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep, they will probably stay healthy. Your eating habits and what kind of clothes you wear are part of the sixth house in the natal chart, plus it shows if you find it easy to connect with your body and understand the signs it sends to you easily.  Hygiene is another matter of the sixth house and plays a big role in preventing diseases.

Service doesn't include other people only. You need to serve and take care of your own body, too, and if necessary, make self-adjustments. The key to having a healthy body is in the habits. It's no wonder that details are important in a house ruled by Virgo. Becoming overweight is the result of bad eating habits in most cases. By changing your habits, you can change your whole life. Think about working out and eating healthy as an investment for the general wellbeing of the system called You.

The condition of your sixth house and the planets there describe if routines are important to you or you find it hard to stick to them. For example, people with the Sun here tend to be rigorous about healthy eating and fitness routines, especially later in life. An emphasized sixth house often makes the native workaholic.

In medical astrology, some more factors are taken into account, for example, the quincunx aspects in the natal chart when describing a person's health outlooks and what body parts should be taken extra care of. It's important to synchronize the purpose of your soul with the everyday activities in your life. Often, chronic diseases develop as a way to escape an environment we don't enjoy anymore or we have never enjoyed in the first place.

It's interesting how working in a healthy environment (both physically and mentally) and staying healthy are intertwined. Often, when there is too much going on at the workplace, the body suffers. There are countless studies published about the harmful effects of stress on your health. Plus if you are a busy person, you can't afford to spend time being sick.

There are some more tenants in the sixth house: your pets and domestic animals. If you wonder why they are here, it's simple: because they need your service. They count on you for food and to take care of them every single day. It's also very interesting to note that while you take care of your pets, on some other level they take care of you, too. Many studies showed that pets have plenty of benefits for your health.

You can see why is the sixth house in the natal chart very important. Find out what sign is on the cusp and if you have any planets there and make sure to read what they mean in your chart.

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