In this part of the Planets in Astrology series, we will look at the meaning of the Sun in the natal chart. Just like the Sun's central place in the Solar System, the Sun is the center of the natal chart and the native's personality. The Sun is the first thing most astrologers look for when reading a natal chart.

In astrology, the Sun represents the core of your personality, your ego and will, and your vitality. It rules the sign of Leo in the Zodiac and the fifth house in the natural chart. The Sun in your birth chart shows in which area of life you want to shine.

The Earth has an orbit of 365 days around the Sun. The Sun rules the sign of Leo, it's exalted in Aries, it's in fall in Libra and it's in detriment in the sign of Aquarius. 

The Sun represents the male and active principle. It is no surprise that the Sun's element is fire.

The Meaning of the Sun in the Natal Chart

The Sun is the center of the natal chart. It represents YOU, the core of your personality and your inner self. You are not your ascendant, you are your Sun. The Sun describes your will and your identity. It's the planet of dignity, Leos are one of the proudest in astrology. The Sun represents your conscious ego and your inner source. It is the core and center of your personality. All of the other planets circle the Sun in the Solar System, and in a personality, the functions of the other planets all serve the Sun. Mercury, the planet of communication makes a bridge between your inner self (represented by the Sun) and the rest of the world. Venus serves as a way to attract others to your Sun, and so on.

The Sun governs general health and vital principles. In the human body, it's attributed to the heart and coronary system. A strong and well-aspected Sun hints to excellent health. The Sun is your main source of energy in the natal chart. If it's strong by sign or house position, you have lots of energy. The Sun works the best in fire signs. On the other hand, if your Sun is afflicted, you probably need some other sources to function well. 

The Sun in astrology represents the male principle. It describes your father in your chart. In a female natal chart, the Sun shows the husband and the father of the native's children, in a male chart the Sun describes the native as a father and husband. The Sun describes your employer and your boss, along with the tenth house in the natal chart. It's about authority and how you perceive it. 

Meaning of the Sun in Astrology Keywords
Meaning of the Sun in Astrology Keywords

Why Are We Different Than We Should Be Based on the Sun Sign?

It's a common phenomenon that people who are Sagittarius don't seem to be a Sagittarius AT ALL. This is one of the reasons many people think astrology is a scam because they don't how much is there under the surface of magazine astrology. 

There are two main reasons for someone being different than they should be based on their Sun signs.

First, the house the Sun is in always gives some of its qualities to the planets located there. For example, if the Sun is in the third house in the natal chart, the native will resemble a Gemini sometimes regardless of the sign the Sun is in. An Aquarius Sun in the eighth house is still an Aquarius Sun, but with a touch of Scorpio to it. It won't be as Aquarian as a Sun in the eleventh house, but it's still a true Aquarius Sun. You get the idea.

The other reason behind this can be an aspect to your Sun. Let's say in your chart the Sun is conjunct Saturn in Aries. In this case, your Aries Sun won't be as impulsive and hot-headed as if it would be if Saturn was somewhere else in the natal chart. The conjunction is the most powerful of all the aspects in this sense, especially if we are talking about intense planets such as Saturn or Pluto. A Sun that's conjunct Pluto in Gemini for sure won't be as chatty and outspoken as you expect from a Gemini Sun.

Other aspects can modify the qualities of the Sun, too. An opposition or square will add the qualities of the other planet to your Sun. With a trine or sextile, it's a bit easier on the native because these are harmonious aspects.

Imagine the Sun as an egg. Now let's say that Easter is coming and you want to dye this egg. After you painted it let's say red, the egg will still be a perfect egg. Its egg qualities haven't changed a bit. But on the surface, it appears red. This is the case with people who don't resemble the qualities of their Sun. They are still their Sun sign, but on the surface, there are also some qualities of the other zodiac sign.

Ascendant vs the Sun 

Some people resemble the qualities of their ascendant more than the qualities of their Sun. However, the real you is always the Sun. The ascendant is a role you take on during your early childhood. Your rising sign often shows what your family expected from you and what role you played in your family. For example, a Cancer rising child might take on a caring role in the family, they look after their siblings and are often very gentle and parentlike to them. A Capricorn rising might have learned early in life to bear the responsibility for themselves and even for others.

As you mature and grow older, hopefully, you gain more and more self-confidence and learn how to ignore the world's expectations. During this process, you grow into your Sun sign. Of course, things like your physical appearance and the first impression you make will always resemble your rising sign, but you don't feel to act like your ascendant anymore. After all, the Sun is the center of the chart, all the other elements are just resources and equipment for the Sun to use.