Following the ninth house of knowledge and higher education, it's time to put your theories into practice and see if they will pass the test. This house in the natal chart is all about career and profession. The tenth house in astrology compares to the highest point of the sky at the moment and place of your birth.

The cusp of the tenth house in the natal chart is called the Midheaven or Medium Coeli, often shortened as MC. The Midheaven in one of the most powerful points in your chart, the area around it is one of the Gauquelin-sectors. Any planets in these sectors have a big influence over the native. It's the most important house cusp along with the ascendant. The tenth house in the natal chart is traditionally associated with Capricorn and Saturn. It's an angular house and the placements here manifest in the physical world.

The Tenth House in the Natal Chart
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The tenth house in the natal chart rules career, profession, public image, ambitions and fame. It describes your status and reputation, achievements, employer and persons of authority in your life. It is attributed to one of your parents.

Most astrologers connect the more dominant parent (this is most often the father) to the tenth house and the more nurturing (the mother) to the fourth. The tenth house shows what you strive to become throughout your life, and because of this, some astrologers think the tenth house rules the parent of the same gender as they are often our role models and authority to us.

 Authorities are all attributed to the tenth house in the natal chart and the planet Saturn. Every role model and authority figure (and how you perceive them) in your life is characterized by your tenth house. It shows the qualities you are unconsciously attracted to and want to develop in yourself. This house depicts your teachers, functionaries and all people of authority. If you are not self-employed, the tenth house shows your employer and your relationship with them. If you had a painful relationship with your parent, the destructive pattern can repeat itself with your boss again and again until you make some adjustments. The tenth house describes your approach towards your employees and subordinates if you become a boss or an employer.

Worldly success is also ruled by the tenth house in astrology. It's interesting how much are success in the workplace and your relationship with authorities intertwined. Your ambition is also ruled by the tenth house in the natal chart. People who have dominant tenth house are generally high achievers.  This might be the reason why they later become successful in their profession. For example, Einstein had the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus in the tenth house.

As the house opposite the house of privacy, family, and home, the tenth house is about your public self. Your community perceives you according to your Midheaven and tenth house. They describe how you appear in the eyes of the public and your reputation. Whatever is on your Midheaven, you can't hide it, it will always see the light. Planets and celestial bodies here are especially powerful because they become visible to the public. 

An emphasized tenth house often signalizes that the native invests most of their energy in their career and public role. Sometimes they even get famous. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be known all over the world. Sometimes you'll have a public role in your community. For example, a major or a teacher is out there in the public eye and they are well-known in their town. Saturn here can give teachers and scientists.
The tenth house rules the government and all jobs related to the government.

Career and profession are two of the main themes of the tenth house in the natal chart. Ruled by Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, it's one of the money houses with the second and the sixth house. The tenth house transcends the work in a job sense as in the sixth house. Imagine your current job as a link in the chain, the tenth house in the natal chart is the whole chain. People with many placements here are very focused on their careers. The sign on the cusp, its ruling planet and if you have any planets in the tenth house reveals a lot about your career. Planets that aspect your Midheaven are career indicators, too. The position by sign and house also gives hints about what kind of occupation are you likely to choose.

The qualities of the Midheaven and the tenth house aren't immediately apparent. As with the natural ruler of this house, Saturn always, a good amount of time is necessary for the process, but the result will come, no matter if it is positive or negative. When you are born, you take on the qualities of your ascendant through your childhood. When you grow up, you learn how to let the qualities of your Sun shine through you. The Midheaven becomes dominant in the second part of your life. It takes time to develop the qualities of your tenth house.

The tenth house in the natal chart shows your purpose in life along with the north node. This is the role your soul chose to play in this lifetime and give to the world. It shows your achievements and what kind of impact you want to make on your community. The Midheaven also makes its mark on your lifestyle in general. Let's take for example Uranus in aspect to the Midheaven. As an unconventional and original planet, Uranus gives a lifestyle that is very unique and tailored to the native.

The planet Saturn is about hard work, persistence, facing restrictions and limitations. These qualities are necessary to make your tenth house bloom. If you don't put in the time and effort, there is no way to become successful at something. On the other hand, if you have been building something, chances are this success won't be just a flash in the pan. Saturn is a strict but fair judge. If you work hard and keep on, your success will also last.

The tenth house is one of the most important and exciting houses in the natal chart. If you have there some planets, make sure to read about what they mean in this house and in the sign they are located in.

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