Traditionally astrologers referred to the twelfth house of the natal chart as the House of Sorrows and Self-undoing. Sounds fun, right? Especially if you take a look at your own chart and realize that you have one, two or in some cases even more planets there. (I have three.)

The twelfth house in astrology is the foggiest and the hardest to understand by all means. However, it's also one of the most exciting ones.

The twelfth house in the natal chart rules everything hidden. The keywords related to the twelfth house in the natal chart are compassion, spirituality, sea, liquids, and illusion, to name a few. However, there is much more to this house. It's ruled by the mystic Neptune and the sign of Pisces. This is a cadent house, so planets in the twelfth house are less obvious in the physical world but they influence deeply your inner processes.

The twelfth house in the natal chart rules everything related to the unconscious, isolation, self-undoing, and endings. Hidden enemies are attributed to this house, too. Until now, the twelfth house had a very, very bad reputation. Luckily, modern astrology recognizes this house as a place of service and unconditional love, too. Nowadays, it's not just the place of self-undoing and sorrow. But it's still full of secrets and it's easy to bump into a skeleton here.

Places of restriction are one of the things associated with the twelfth house in the natal chart. It rules big institutions, all hospitals, monasteries, prisons, lunatic asylums and all places you can't leave easily and when you want. 

Are you curious about the reasons one would be sent to a lunatic asylum? Take a look at this list: 

The Twelfth House in the Natal Chart

I don't know about you, but I'm very grateful that I live in today's world.

This house rules everything about selfless service. Many people who work in such institutions have a strong twelfth house, they often feel that it's their calling to give service to those suffering. These placements can also manifest in a job where you work alone and behind the scenes. This can be especially true if the ruler of your Midheaven or the ascendant is located here. If you have a planet here, chances are you are an introverted person who craves solitude. 

Far-away countries over the ocean are also part of the twelfth-house. If you have Jupiter in the twelfth house, it might mean that you'll find your luck overseas in a distant country.

Pisces and Neptune are associated with the twelfth house. It's no wonder that the sea, oceans, all fish and liquids are twelfth-house matters. This place has a soothing effect and it is connected to the undercurrent of existence.  
The twelfth house rules mysticism and everything that is above our mundane everyday lives, this place is full of magic and inspiration. There are a few ways to access this world of fantasy, some of them are more constructive, some of them are straightforward destructive. 

First of all, we can find in this house quite a few forms of art. Pisces and the twelfth house rule music, photography, film, and acting. If you think about it, they all create an illusion, a world that doesn't exist. Or you can use narcotics to get there. This includes anesthetics, a way to shut the world out completely for some time. Another way is to use drugs and narcotics. All psychoactive substances are ruled by the twelfth house. You can turn to alcohol and drinking, too. This method will wash away your inhibitions, but sometimes it's hard to find the thin line where you should really stop. The third way to reach the subconscious is by dissolving yourself in the source we are a part of. 

No matter which method you choose, it's important to know when to stop and return to the real world. Only go to the twelfth-house realm occasionally. It very easily becomes so addictive that you won't know how to come back. Escapist tendencies can be seen through the twelfth house or an afflicted Neptune. If you have some bad placements in the twelfth or it's afflicted in your natal chart, it's wise to avoid drugs and alcohol altogether. Addictions and escapism are the dark sides of the twelfth house.

There is a certain energy of drifting present in the twelfth house. Pisces is a mutable water sign, so they become easily overwhelmed with emotions. Because they are very sensitive, their environment influences them in a great amount and it's hard for them to separate their own will from the will of others. The natives who have a strong twelfth house or Pisces in their charts can be prone to just drifting around in life. This is because they are very sensitive and find it hard to set boundaries. For these natives, it's especially important to spend plenty of time alone to regenerate.

As the house preceding the ascendant, the twelfth house describes your experience in the womb in the period before your birth. The ascendant shows the circumstances of birth, planets conjunct the ascendant from the twelfth influence them, too. 

Planets located in the twelfth house often face restrictions and can't manifest fully. They often represent qualities that the parents of the native didn't want to see. Children are very wise and they know that their survival depends on their parents. If they feel that if some behavior upsets their parents, they risk being abandoned, so they suppress the qualities the parents don't approve of. 

The twelfth house serves as a closet where you can hide everything you don't like. These things don't disappear. They stay there under the surface and if you don't do anything, they start to spoil and can poison your personality. According to some astrologers, the things that make us suffer in our lives the most can be seen through the twelfth house.

The twelfth house rules the collective subconscious in astrology. The borders are easily crossed between the conscious and the conscious mind here. An emphasized twelfth house can make an excellent psychotherapist if there are other indications in the chart, too. 

Another activity of this house is sleeping. The twelfth house is attributed to the world of dreams.

The matters of the twelfth house are beyond our control. The wisest choice is to accept the facts and go with the flow. It's about believing that in retrospective everything will make sense and there is a bigger plan that is too divine for our limited minds to understand. After all, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional, as they say.

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