The main theme of the third house in astrology is the thinking process, learning, and communication. The conscious mind is represented by Mercury and the third house in the natal chart. It shows how you relate to your environment, a bridge between your inner and the outer world.

Being a cadent house, planets in the third house manifest on a mental plane. The energies of planets here influence the thinking process and they don't appear on the surface very much.

Along with Mercury, the third house in the natal chart describes how you think and how you communicate. It's all about the conscious mind. Memory and speech are all connected to the third house. The presence or aspects from malefics can inhibit the matters of the third house. If Saturn is here or is connected to the ruler of the third house with a hard aspect that usually means limitations in speech and self-expression.

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Also called the House of Communications, the third house in the natal chart rules all kinds of communication, reading, and writing. Many planets here and a strong accent on the third house mean that learning and writing will be a major focus during the native's life. Your attitude to knowledge can be seen through the third house, to.

The third house rules both the activities and devices or things related to communication, for example, books or pencils. It's interesting how the period in life when you learn how to read and write during primary education is associated with the third house in the natal chart. We start to grasp what abstract means. However, third-house learning focuses mostly on gathering concrete information, it will be in the ninth house that we learn how to put the pieces together and get the big picture. 

For example, Stephen King has the Sun, Venus, and Neptune here. By the way, if you have a stellium or triple conjunction in your chart, that's a good indicator or profession. There is so much energy in one part of the chart that it's hard to cope with it, that's why many people choose to do the activities of the particular house full time.

The third house in astrology is connected to the sign of Gemini and its ruling planet Mercury. Being a mutable air sign, Gemini is curious, versatile, communicative and witty. On the other hand, Gemini can be superficial and doesn't know how to be persistent. 

You can find some intellectual skills and dexterity and hand skills in the third house, too. However, people often tend to take these skills for granted, and not appreciate them enough. 

The sign on the cusp of the third house shows you how you learn new things. For example, Virgo on the cusp of the third house likes to painstakingly analyze the problem, while Taurus might need some time to grasp it fully. If you have Uranus in the third house in your natal chart, you are probably a genius.

Besides the mental processes, the third house also rules the early childhood and the early environment. If you want to connect it to a phase of human life, it would be when a child learns how to speak, starts to crawl, and explores the closest surroundings. You discover that there is a world outside of you and learn how to connect with it.

It's because of this why the immediate environment is associated with the third house. Neighbors and acquaintances belong to the third house, as well as brothers and sisters. If you have siblings, usually they were a well-remembered part of your childhood. Your attitude towards these persons can be seen through the third house in the natal chart.

The third house rules all kinds of errands and short trips. (Long-distance travel is ruled by the ninth, overseas travel is ruled by the twelfth house.) When you take the bus or drive to your workplace, you are immersing in an activity of the third house. 

If the ruler of the third house is afflicted there can be a danger of accidents. (But keep in mind that the natal chart shows only the possibilities, and they can manifest in many ways. Don't be scared if you find something in your chart that you don't like.) For example, let's take look at the chart of George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. His ruler of the third house forms an opposition to the ruler of his eighth house (the house of death, among others). He crashed into a tree with his car and nearly lost his life when he was in high school. 

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