Uranus is the first in the row of transgenerational planets. They stay so long in each sign of the Zodiac that they affect whole generations, and their position by sign is not very much expressed on a personal level. Its orbit is 84 years and Uranus spends approximately 7 years in each sign. 

In this part of the Planets in Astrology series, we will shed some light on the inner world of Uranus plus how it operates.

Uranus was discovered in 1781 by an Englishman named Sir William Herschel. The story of how it got discovered is typically Uranian! Uranus in astrology rules accidents. Well, an amateur astronomer discovered it by accident. In the Zodiac, Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, formerly ruled by the planet Saturn. It's exalted in Scorpio, in fall in Taurus, and in detriment in Leo. In the natural chart, Uranus rules the eleventh house and represents the higher octave of Mercury. It got its name after the Greek god of the sea, Uranus.

Did you know that Uranus is literally eccentric? Its axis of rotation is tilted nearly horizontal, in the plane of its solar orbit. Well, this is for sure a unique approach, which is so characteristic of Uranus. Fun fact: its 27 moons got their names after Shakespearean characters.

In astrology, Uranus represents the higher intelligence, originality, sudden changes and humanitarianism. There is a fresh energy to it what makes you think about your views again. Organizations, groups, and clubs are also ruled by Uranus. It's the archetype of both the mad scientist and the rebel.

Uranus in Astrology
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The Meaning of Uranus in Astrology

In astrology, Uranus is connected to everything that happens suddenly. To put it together real stylish, it rules everything out of the blue

Uranus and Aquarius rule humanitarianism and utopian ideals in astrology. Natives who have many placements in Aquarius or a dominant Uranus fight for civil rights and want a bright future for everyone. They are ingenuine and open-minded without any prejudices based on religion, nationality, gender or race. It is super tolerant just like Jupiter. Uranus loves freedom.

Natural disasters, especially earthquakes are associated with this planet. Uranus rules rebellions and revolutions, too. If it doesn't feel free, it finds it unbearable and will go very far to reach autonomy and freedom again. It is very individualistic and is proud of its uniqueness, but at the same time, Uranus rules groups and organizations gathered around a mutual interest or goal.

Technology and science are also attributed to Uranus in astrology. It governs logical reasoning, electricity, computers and the internet, but all kinds of inventions and modern phenomena are related to it, for example space projects or airplanes. Aha moments and eureka effects are terms that describe Uranian energy in a very concise way. It"s about the divine spark that makes the light bulb go on in your head and it embodies the sixth sense. 

Natives with a strong and well-aspected Uranus in their natal charts are often brilliant and have many original ideas. People who have well-developed Uranus are intuitive and inventive. However, if Uranus is afflicted, they can be too deviant and eccentric and they find it very hard to live in symbiosis with society. These natives can be self-willed and refuse external rules and obligations to be imposed on them.

In the human body, Uranus is associated with the higher nervous system, shin and ankles. (Aquarius risings often have very muscular calves. But it's not hard to spot Aquarius risings even without looking at their leg, because they LOVE self-expression and most of them dress in a very unique way.)

Uranus is the bohemian and the hippy. This planet can't stand old and obsolete ideas, it's always in search of something original. Uranus is about awakening the higher awareness in astrology. 

Uranus rules all professions related to electricity, technology and computer science, aviation, inventors and natural sciences.

And last but not least, Uranus rules astrology and the future. Most people who are so deeply into astrology have emphasized Aquarian or Piscean energies in their charts. 

Uranus in the Natal Chart

As discussed in the introduction, Uranus spends so much time in each sign of the Zodiac that its effect in signs can be felt on a generational level rather than in your personal life. That's why it's called a generational planet along with Neptune and Pluto. 

So, why bother analyzing Uranus at all?

Because its placement by houses and its aspects with the rest of the chart are super important! 

Where Uranus is located in your natal chart is the area of life where you tend to take the road less traveled and it's where you can contribute to society the most. Its position is especially important if you are Aquarius rising so that Uranus is your chart ruler or if you have Midheaven in Aquarius.

Pay attention to aspects Uranus makes with personal planets and points in the natal chart. For example, Sun-Uranus aspects are of great importance and their effect on the native is huge, there is a unique energy to them. You won't find a true conformist with this aspect in their chart. (Whether they learn how to express their uniqueness in a constructive way is another matter.) Uranus in soft aspect to the Midheaven tells that your lifestyle will be authentic to you and you probably won't work in a 9-5 setup.

A well-aspected Uranus in the natal chart is often the sign of amazing intelligence. For example, if you have Uranus in the third house there are good chances for you to be a genius. Natives with Mercury-Uranus aspects are very intelligent, too. 

On the other hand, an afflicted Uranus can give a violent streak to the native's personality, Mars in aspect with Uranus is prone to this. However, if the other parts of the natal charts don't show violent tendencies, the native might utilize this energy in a constructive way.

Uranus is an exciting planet for sure. If it got you excited, too, head over to the articles on the meaning Uranus in houses!

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