Venus is the second nearest planet to the Sun and the nearest planet to the Earth. It has been known to humanity since the ancient ages. Venus is the brightest object in the sky after the Sun and the Moon, and it has been helping people in many areas of life, for example, navigation. Fun fact: a day on Venus lasts longer than a year on Earth. It got its name after the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is her equivalent. Venus is all about happiness, beauty, and harmony.

Venus in Astrology
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In astrology, Venus rules Libra, the sign of grace and diplomacy, and Taurus, the sign of material prosperity. Diurnal Venus is related to Taurus and nocturnal to Libra. Respectively, in the natural chart, Venus rules the second and the seventh house. It's exalted in the sign of Pisces, in fall in Virgo and in detriment in Scorpio. Its glyph is the circle if spirit on the cross of matter. It represents the vanity mirror of the goddess Venus. 

A prominent Venus in the natal chart gives a good sense of aesthetics and a charismatic personality. Venus is often emphasized in the birth charts of artists. If it touches personal points in the natal chart, for example, when Venus is conjunct the ascendant or the Sun it gives external beauty and attractive physical appearance. Venus has very strong feminine and receptive energy.

Venus, the Planet of Love and Beauty

In astrology, Venus rules aesthetics and the finer things in life. Flowers, fruits, fragrances, the arts are all Venusian matters. Venus rules artworks, sculptures, jewelry, poetry, music, and painting. In short, it's all about beauty and aesthetics. Art and culture are connected to Venus, just like love, sensuality and luxuries.

Venus in astrology is often referred to as Fortuna minor (Fortuna major is of course Jupiter). This planet brings luck wherever it appears, it's called the planet of fortune. If well-aspected, Venus gives joy and success. Through Taurus, Venus also rules possessions and wealth along with Jupiter.

In the natal chart, Venus shows how can you attract what you want in life. It also shows what makes you feel loved. An afflicted Venus, for example, a hard aspect between Venus and Saturn make it very hard for the native to accept love. Sometimes the love is even out there and it would be accessible for them, however, they don't know how to get it.

More factors should be taken into account when looking for love in the natal chart. Besides the seventh house, fifth house, their rulers and the Moon, Venus is one of the factors that describe what kind of love you want and need. Venus is about sensual and romantic love, while Mars is more the animal's instinct to breed.

For example, Venus in Scorpio is a very intense position. It shows that the native loves and needs seduction and is obsessively passionate. Venus in Cancer is more emotional and sensitive, this native doesn't need that much intensity in their love life. Venus in Capricorn is very thoughtful and sober-minded when it comes to love, they have an approach that some other signs would label as cold. Venus in Sagittarius loves adventures. If you want to know more about Venus in signs, check out our series on it.

However, there are some dark sides of Venus, too. Too much of a good thing turns into a bad thing. When Venus is dominant but afflicted, the person is prone to over-indulgence. They can become vain and too materialistic.

Venus in Astrology
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Relationships in the Natal Chart

The other key theme when it comes to Venus is relating besides good taste. Libra is the sign of relationships and diplomacy and Venus rules unions of all kinds. Natives with many placements in Libra are usually popular, charismatic and very polite. It's interesting that many politicians are either Libra Sun or Libra rising. 

Marriage belongs to Venus in astrology. Venus simply doesn't feel good if she is alone. Natives with a well-aspected Venus have little trouble coming across as graceful and attractive and they usually have plenty of opportunities to get involved in a love relationship. Business partnerships are attributed to Venus, too. 

Venus and the Law of Attraction

Venus is not all about hanging on by the skin of your teeth to what you want. Venus is a planet of receptive energy, it draws to itself what it likes by just being attractive. People crave for her to accept their gifts. Venus has a magnetic attractive power that no one can resist.

This also describes the way love comes into your life. It's a common observation that when you are desperately looking for love, there is no way you'll find it. On the other hand, when you find the love you see love everywhere around you. Desperation just doesn't help here. You can't force love. If it has to be forced it loses its meaning and true value. The only kind of love that is meaningful is voluntarily love. 

However, there is one way you can help love to find you. It is by making yourself happy on your own in an artificial way. The brain can't recognize the difference between an artificial smile and a real smile. Find time to do your favorite activities on a regular basis. The matters of Venus are crucial to just feel good or make your frequency higher as the folks in New Age say. 

Meaning of Venus in Astrology Keywords
Meaning of Venus in Astrology

Venus in the Natal Chart

The position of Venus in the natal chart shows what you enjoy. For example, Venus in Sagittarius enjoys traveling, meeting new people and foreign cultures, learning foreign languages or reading about philosophy. A Venus in Virgo is in royal spirits in the workplace (cheesy for sure, yes).

Wherever Venus is in the birth chart, it brings harmony and happiness into that house and area of life. It's not as strong as Jupiter, but Venus is a planet of luck and good fortune, too. 

For example, Venus in the seventh house most often gives a good and harmonious marriage and luck in dealings with the public (plus in the court and in legal affairs). Natives with Venus in the fourth house tend to have a happy family life. If Venus is in the second house in your natal chart, this is an indicator of financial success in life. 

The position of Venus in the natal chart is very important both in signs and in houses. Find out in which sign is Venus in your chart and read the article that gives more information on this position.

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