Cancer means crab in Latin. If you think about, crabs are squishy beings covered with a big and hard exoskeleton. This is in some way similar to natives who have Cancer strong in their charts. These people are very sensitive even though the shell they must grow to survive makes them appear hard on the surface.

According to some astrologers, the glyph for Cancer consists of the claws of a crab. Others associate it with the breasts. In the human body, Cancer rules the breasts and stomach.  

This zodiac sign is ruled by the gentle Moon in astrology. In the natural chart, Cancer is associated with the fourth house of family and home. It's a very feminine sign and has passive energy. Cancer thinks in feeling and intuition.

Cancer marks the beginning of summer during the years, it's influence begins with the summer solstice on June 21st and ends on the 22nd of July when Leo takes over. 

Element and Modality of Cancer in Astrology

It's not a surprise that Cancer belongs to the water signs in astrology (these include Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - the animals they are named after all live in water). 

Water signs are all about emotions. They are very intuitive, deep and mysterious (especially Scorpio). These zodiac signs are very sensitive and they need to learn to protect their boundaries. Water signs are in tune with their emotions and usually, they can read people very well. 

In astrology, there are cardinal, fixed and mutable zodiac signs. Cancer belongs to the cardinal family with Aries, Libra and Capricorn. These signs like beginnings and they are initiators. Cardinal signs are restless and take action all the time.

When is Cancer Strong in Your Natal Chart

If your Sun or Moon is in Cancer or you are Cancer rising, you share the most qualities of this zodiac sign. Moon rules Cancer, so it's very strong in this sign. If you have your Sun in the fourth house in your natal chart, some Cancer traits will be recognizable no matter which sign is your Sun in.

Many planets, especially Mercury (very good memory!), Venus or Mars in Cancer or in the fourth house show that Cancer's energies are present in your life in a great amount.

Positive Traits of Cancer in Astrology

This sign is very sensitive and intuitive. Cancers should always listen to their inner voice. As a water sign, their emotions run very deep. They often grow a shell around themselves to protect their rich and complex inner world. They focus on their immediate surroundings and their microcosmos, and they strive to make it a pleasant and supporting place.

Cancer rules home and family in astrology. In astrology, this sign is the nurturer of the Zodiac. (This is true on a mundane level, too, Cancers tend to make amazing cooks. They enjoy preparing gourmet meals for their loved ones.) Cancer's ruling planet, the Moon is the symbol of the mother and the wife or the nurturing female energy in general.

Cancer is a very domestic zodiac sign. They have an innate talent and need for taking care of others. They are sympathetic and simply can't stand to watch someone suffer and do nothing to help them. Many helping professions are ruled by Moon where you need to take care of others, for example, nurses.

Like the crab that lives inside its shell, Cancers love to be at home. This can serve as a protective bubble to this hypersensitive sign because they get easily overwhelmed with all the stimuli out there in the world. It's nice to have a safe place where you can recharge. They are romantic and gentle, passion is not their cup of tea.

Besides their own physical home, Cancers are fond of their community and country in general. They are usually patriotic and always stand up for their loved ones if they need to be protected. Traditional values are important to them. Cancer is a retentive sign.

Cancers are famous for their excellent memory. They remember many details about past events. They are the ones who keep in mind all the birthdays and anniversaries. Cancer and the Moon rule the personal unconscious in astrology. With its watery energies, it's easy for them to tap into the repository of faded memories.

Cancers are very dependable. If they invite you to the circle of their loved ones, you have good chances to be taken care of until the end of your life. They are extremely loyal to the ones they love. You have to hurt their feelings (or loved ones) really bad for a Cancer to abandon you after once they said yes to you.

Cancer zodiac sign strengths and weaknesses

Negative Traits of Cancer in Astrology

Sometimes they are crabby. 

Cancers have very, very deep emotions, emotions so deep that non-water signs can't even imagine. This also means that they feel pain very deeply. Plus, things that other signs don't even consider as potentially hurtful can scrape the Cancer's soul. This is especially true if you belong to the lucky ones who could get inside the shell. 

If you hurt a Cancer's feelings, it hits them really hard and they won't even want to talk to you for some time. They are hurt very easily and can be touchy. This sign should learn how to communicate their needs in a straightforward way and set their boundaries. They tend to be manipulative if things don't turn out as they wanted.

Cancer's good memory doesn't help, either. They are prone to self-pity and being upset because of things others already forgot happened. This sign tends to cry over spilled milk for a long time. The fact that they are so drawn to the past just makes things worse.

Ruled by the Moon, no wonder that this sign is sensitive to the changes around them and they are quite moody. Irrationality is typical water quality and more rational signs who like to think in a logical way have trouble understanding it.

Laziness is another negative trait of Cancer along with selfishness. They can be so sorry for themselves that they become totally self-absorbed and forget about everything else.

If you are a Cancer, please learn how to communicate your boundaries properly so that others could respect their sensitivity and the Cancer won't have to use any manipulation. This is simply ineffective and slowly destroys a relationship. 

If you have a Cancerian in your life, be very grateful for them and make sure to appreciate their love.

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